The future of freight transit

We are making the transport of freight cleaner
and more efficient through the Hyperloop


We Are Innovating American Infrastructure

According to the 2017 American Society of Civil Engineers infrastructure report card, the United States received a D plus. The organization estimates it will take $4.59 trillion to bring things up to a B, or adequate grade, by 2025.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to revolutionizing transportation and promoting a connected world.

The System

Ultra high-speed & adaptable

Our Hyperloop system will be ultra high-speed, under and above ground freight transport system where cargo is transported in modular, autonomous pods.

Energy efficient

The Hyperloop is powered by solar energy and is net-positive. The system produces more energy than it consumes. 

With Nature in Mind

We will develop a system that is symbiotic with the land around it, through great design. Hyperloop uses clean, renewable energy sources to power the system, so there are zero carbon emissions.

Why Arizona?

We are bringing a better transport solution to the state of Arizona
that will create a dent in the complex issues of waste, trade inefficiencies, and human disconnection.

Wasted Goods

Valuable waste is being dumped such as agriculture and metals. During the winter months, through Arizona’s inland ports, Mexico provides half of the nation’s and Canada’s fruits and vegetables. Although, we are dumping millions of pounds of food because it is spoiling before reaching its destination.


In 2016, Arizona exported $22 billion worth of goods according to the Census Bureau. About 40% of that went through Mexico. Additionally, $31.5 Billion worth of merchandise went to and from Mexico via Arizona’s land ports. Because of this, Arizona’s ports are a key conduit through which the U.S. trades.

We are establishing Arizona as a development hub for Hyperloop technology with the goal of building a fully-operational system that transports cargo and passengers through Arizona. The Hyperloop presents a unique opportunity to increase the efficiency of Arizona’s ports and promote international trade.

Our Story

In 2013, Elon Musk revealed his vision for a revolutionary mode of transportation capable of transporting passengers inside of levitating pods at speeds up to 760 mph using renewable energy. To support its development, SpaceX announced the Hyperloop Pod Competition in 2015, inspiring innovators from across the world to join the effort.

Lynne Nethken and Josh Kosar formed an interdisciplinary Arizona-based team of 100+ students. In August 2017, AZLoop placed among the top 8 teams in the world out of over 1300 entrants to build some of the first half-scale, functional prototypes for the Hyperloop system.

Recognizing the opportunities that Hyperloop technology will offer to Arizona, Lynne Nethken, Josh Kosar, and Nisreen Mandviwala joined forces to form Helix Technologies, L.L.C. We are on a mission to continue development efforts and establish Arizona as a hub for Hyperloop technology, with the goal of building a fully-operational system that transports cargo and passengers through Arizona.

The Team

What started as a passion to create an innovative technology at a small scale,
turned into shared ambition of fully materializing our vision.

Co-founder | Chief Executive Officer


Co-founder | Chief Business Development Officer


Co-founder | Chief Technology Officer


Join us as we set out to change the transportation landscape and redefine mobility.